There are two different sizes to choose from, the smaller 1 inch magnet is the classic size, and is really popular for promoting clubs, bands and small businesses, and then there is the larger 2 1/4" magnets. These magnets make a lovely gift or party favour, and are suitable for men and women! I've also had lots of artists and designers order them as a way to sell their designs to customers in an affordable and useful way. 

For orders and inquiries please email me at

Don't worry about the design as I offer a free design service, just let me know your idea. If you are confident to design your own favours please contact me for a template so you can get the dimensions and cropping correct. Prices are on a sliding scale, so the more you order the better value you get. Also you can submit multiple images for your designs, so why not buddy up with a friend to bring down the cost, I don't mind at all!

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