8 Dec 2011

What I'm Wearing: Red and Black

Now and then I go back to my old favourite combo red and black, it reminds me of my goth days and it's really easy to accessorise because I have tonnes of red jewellery. You may also notice that my hair is different than previous posts, I chopped it all off the other day. You can't see it very well as this isn't the best photo, my camera died after just one shot. I was brushing my hair the other day and I noticed it was in dire condition, I had been growing it for Halloween, so it was well overdue a snip. I started trimming with my scissors, one thing led to another, and I chopped off about 8" or so. After I cut it, it was more noticeable that the colour was a bit mawkish and more than a little grey so I decided to dye it, something I haven't done in about 9 years. I popped down to my local chemist and got a mahogany coloured dye for only €4.99, et voila nearly an hour later I had new hair, and a new colour!

Boots: Schuh €110
Skirt: Old black skirt I upcycled to wear to my sisters hen party years ago
Jumper: Pennies approx €12
Button Necklace: €1 at the Barbootsale from Claire-Ann
Bra: I know you can't see it but I'm chuffed with my new bra so I'm including it! I got it in Vamp for only €10 in their sale, normally their underwear is really expensive but I'm a weird size (36F) and that's what always pops up in the sale.

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  1. ruth i love the outfit AND the hair, you look awesome! a good cut and color is quite nice sometimes :)

  2. Thanks ladies!
    Yep I got lots of compliments on the hair today down at the market...I'm really glad I did it


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