27 May 2011

Hotty But Notty: Tim Roth

Hotty But Notty(Part8): Tim Roth

This one harks back to my teenage days when I watched the film Captives and witnessed the sexiest scene between a dentist and a patient ever filmed. Rather soon afterwards I saw Resevoir Dogs and Four Rooms and decided I was in love with him. While the rest of my school mates had posters of Boyzone and Westlife plastered to their wall, I had an odd fascination with this cocky, wirey, large nosed man.

Tim Roth 1


  1. I remember first seeing this chap in 'meantime' with Gary Oldman and that bloke from Eastenders what was on blur's 'parklife'; he was not heart-throb material in that letmetellya.

  2. Darren-Yikes I watched that Mike Leigh tailer...certainly not hot, but he isn't in the video for Parklife that is someone else.

    Beth-Please and thank you!


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