20 May 2011

Hotty But Notty: Niles Crane

I'm choosing to list this as the fictional character Niles Crane rather than the actor David Hyde Pierce as I've never actually seen him in anything else, and I also suspect that half of my attraction to this odd man is to do with the character he portrays. To anyone who has been living under a rock I'll explain, Niles is the fictional brother to Frazier Crane, two sibling psychiatrists who love the finer things in life like good wine, stimulating intellectual conversations, cheese and chess.

I didn't really like Frazier when I started watching it, but it was my growing fascination with Niles' character that kept me watching, he was less abrasive and more amusing, and therefore a more sympathetic character that the lead.

I love how silly and lovable he is.


I have delicate features, prison would be hell for me!

Niles: Maddening!
Frasier: What is it now?
Niles: They have a new moisturizer dispenser in the men's room, and the cream is entirely too oily, so I had to rewash my hands, and would you know it, that is when the hot-air hand dryer decides to break down!
Frasier: How do you get through the day?

I'm just not someone who cries, it's not in my nature. When Maris' uncle Lyle died, I had to shut my hand in the car door just to make a decent showing at the funeral.

I'll, I'd like a, a petit filet mignon, very lean, not so lean that it lacks flavour, but not so fat that it leaves drippings on the plate. And I don't want it cooked - just lightly seared on either side, pink in the middle; not a true pink, but not a mauve either, something in between, bearing in mind the slightest error either way, and it's ruined.


  1. I'm on a real Frasier buzz at the moment and I adore Niles.

  2. Hahahaha, yes, there's definitely something about Niles ;)

  3. I adore Niles and I think he's the funniest character out of Fraiser. Loving the Hotty but Notty series!

  4. Niles is definitely a little hotty!


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